DolphinsOMG! UFB! And every other explicative I can think of! The first week of November, I spent six days swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii. It was all part of a sound healing retreat provided by Estaryia Venus. The group consisted of 9 others and myself from all over the globe (We now call ourselves a “pod family”).

Early every morning we would put on our snorkeling gear and swim out into the bay to greet the dolphins as they returned from their nightly hunt. They return to the safety of the bay to play, procreate, and rest. The high pitched squeaks and clicking alert you to their arrival. At times it sounds like a school yard full of laughing children.

On one occasion, a dolphin brought me a leaf that had been floating in the water. I thought, “ Oh how nice, he brought me a gift!” As soon as I reached for the leaf, my dolphin friend swooped back in and grabbed the leaf before I could reach it! I get it now… we are playing keep away!

The most precious moment was watching a baby dolphin practicing his jumping. As Momma swam patiently below, this little guy zipped around and through all the snorkelers putting on a fintastic show! He made sure he swam by everyone watching. It was so hilarious I had to LOLUW! (Laugh Out Loud Under Water)

Swimming eye to eye with these magnificent intelligent beings can really change a person. I know it changed me. I wonder if it changes the dolphins view of us?

Have you ever swam with dolphins, wild or captive?  I would love to hear your stories! You can leave your comment below.

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