Don’t Rock the Boat!

sailingAs most of you may know, I was on a sailing trip the first two weeks of December. My position as first mate was challenging and educational. Hoisting sails, furling and unfurling the jib, tacking and jibing kept me busy. The moments in between were the best! Gently rolling with the waves, watching a dolphin or two occasionally appear, wind in your hair, sunshine on your face… ahhhh… food for the soul.

I used an app on my iPhone to document my trip so that friends and family could follow along. The trip can be found at TrackMyTour. The app was relatively easy to use. The difficult part was finding wi-fi connections in the US and British Virgin Islands. I had to go ashore to find a restaurant or bar that had a free wi-fi connection. The resorts seemed to have the best (fastest) connections. An occasional beach bar advertised free wi-fi but it tended to be as slow as dial-up. It would have been tolerable if it weren’t for the mosquitos biting up my arms and legs!

caribbean sketchesThe other fun thing I did on this trip was to sketch and paint along the way. This was an experiment to see if I could successfully plein air paint from a sailboat. I had all the right equipment figured out, but found I could only paint if we were moored in a calm bay. A rocking boat does not bode well for creating masterpieces!

If you missed out on my adventure and the opportunity to purchase a print, you will find the paintings (and prints) available on my website.

Have you been sailing or boating? What did you find most fun about your experience?


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